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You've Got Important Work to Do

You're talented. You're smart. You're dedicated.

And you've worked damn hard to get where you are today.

But also...

You have questions. Lots of them.

Maybe you've been wondering...

  • How do I negotiate a better salary and employment package?
  • How can I position myself for opportunities that excite me?
  • How can I build real relationships with mentors and peers?
  • Alternate Long Arrow Right
    How can I make more of an impact at work and feel confident in what I bring to the table?
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    How can I be more courageous and bold in my actions at work? I'm ready to get out of my comfort zone, but I'm not sure how...

Even when things are going WELL in your career… It's normal to be unsure:

  • Maybe you have access to senior leaders and executives, but you don't know how to get on their radar (or what to say when you do).
  • Perhaps you've connected with potential mentors… but you have no idea how to follow up, and how you can use their support to your advantage without feeling skeezy.
  • Maybe you've just experienced a big win in your career, but you don't feel as successful as you thought you would… and you're unsure of what your next move should look like.

And if it wasn't already hard enough...

There's something else they DON'T tell you in the inspirational success stories about people of color who "made it" in corporate America…

The struggle is real.

And sometimes — you need support.

Because the REALITY of navigating a corporate career as a person of color comes ALSO means...

  • Feeling like you need to constantly check yourself to fit in: speak more softly, smile more often, filter your words to make sure they're acceptable to whoever is listening.
  • Struggling to capture meaningful feedback from your supervisor while working with people that think, see and experience the world differently than you do.
  • A general sense of distrust that you carry around with you each day, and the never-ending struggle with C-Y-A and documentation required to manage how you're perceived at work.
  • Not knowing how to speak up about something that's not right without being stereotyped as angry or aggressive (and putting a target on your back with your manager or HR).
  • Being unsure of how to find mentors to guide you and sponsors who will advocate for you when you're not in the room.

And, when it gets really bad?

  • It's being passed over for that promotion you worked yourself into the ground for (or scoring the promotion... only to be told a raise is off the table).
  • It's navigating an outwardly hostile workplace, difficult coworkers and near-impossible workloads while devastating things are happening in your community — and feeling like nobody gives a damn.
  • It's being in crisis, barely treading water at work and waking up every morning feeling sick to your stomach… with no idea who you can talk to, who you can trust, or where to turn for advice.

You're not alone if you've ever felt like you stick out in any room — yet your accomplishments and talents go unseen.

It's exhausting. Isolating. Crazy-making. And hard as hell.

Stay with me here — because things are about to get a whole lot better.

(I'll show you how.)

I know you've asked yourself at least once before: "Is it worth it?"

Because I've been there too.

And I know you're already intimately familiar with the impact that bias can have on your earning potential, opportunities for advancement — and your sanity.

I know how it feels to be on the outside looking in: when your emails go ignored, your ideas are unacknowledged, and your name conveniently falls off the invitation list for a key meeting — and you wonder whether you’re the only one who really sees what's going on.

And even when things are going well, there are still days when you wonder whether your colleagues are from a different planet. And it feels like the burden of bridging the gap is always on you.

Exhausting. Especially when you've also got a job to do.

It's not right. You aren't crazy. And it's not your fault.

But here's what I want you to know:

  • You can get what you want and need from your workplace — like meaningful feedback, real progression and a paycheck to match — without dimming your light or compromising on your values.
  • You can learn to build career-changing relationships and connect with powerful mentors, even if the idea of traditional networking has you hiding under your desk (I see you, introvert — and I've got you).
  • You can make moves to paint a powerful picture of the story behind your work — and get the visibility and recognition you deserve (instead of working twice as hard to get half as far).

So in a world where you have to be twice as good and work twice as hard just to stay in the game…

What separates the people of color who get ahead from the ones who get benched?

Time Spent?

90hr work weeks, missing out on time with your family, and a 4-day tension headache that starts every Sunday night?


Selling your soul to the corporate machine and becoming a person you barely recognize just to fit in?

Raw talent?

Is it luck, natural charisma, or finally finding the perfect organization, the perfect manager, the perfect job?

No, no and no.

The truth is that sometimes, you've gotta get scrappy if you want to...

  • MASTER corporate politics and get things done in your organization — without selling your soul.
  • BUILD strategic relationships and find mentors to help you get to the next level — even if networking freaks you out.
  • CREATE your own opportunities to be seen and recognized for your work — instead of waiting for others to take notice.
  • GATHER the constructive feedback you need to level-up — before you get left behind, wondering where you went wrong.
  • POSITION yourself for your next big opportunity — like that juicy assignment, promotion, or project you've been eyeing.
  • ASK for what you want and get it (we're talking salary, benefits packages, and so much more)...

All you need to do is be willing to ask for help.

And from there?

We'll show you EXACTLY how to make it happen.


​The first and ONLY online career activation hub for people of color in corporate

A pay-as-you-go monthly membership that gives you access to insider coaching, training and support — to shorten your corporate learning curve, accelerate your success and navigate your workplace with unshakeable confidence.

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When you join us inside The Alley…

You won't just get personalized coaching, feedback and support…

You'll also get INSTANT access to our exclusive on-demand training library, where you'll get a rapid education in EVERYTHING you need to thrive in your corporate career.

Just 30 days from now, you could be on the fast-track towards…

  • Learning how to negotiate like a pro
    Like Jana, who negotiated a 16% pay raise, a full professional development package and an additional $25,000 to her signing bonus.
  • Becoming a master networker and relationship-builder
    Like Felicia, who learned how to build relationships from scratch and leverage them into her dream job offer… without taking a single interview.
  • Standing out from the pack and position yourself for killer opportunities
    Like Devon, who created a 90-day "slay" plan to rock any new organization, department or job — and quickly put himself on the map with key players, mentors and leaders in his company.

You'll learn about The 6 Elements of Corporate Confidence that they didn't teach you in business school:



Master corporate politics and get things done in your organization, without selling your soul.

Featured Training

Career Risks: Are you playing it too safe?



Network with confidence, and find mentors who will help you get to the nextAdd  level.

Featured Training

The Brutal Truth About Building Strategic Relationships



Gather and execute on the critical information you need to get noticed for your work & talents.

Featured Training

The Mid-Year Performance Review



Create opportunities for visibility and recognition - instead of waiting to get noticed.

Featured Training

Millennials Navigating Corporate



Ensure you're the "no-brainer" choice for opportunities and promotions.

Featured Training

Staying Relevant In The Workplace 



Because there is an art and a science to getting what you want at work — and we'll show you how to do it.

Featured Training

How to Negotiate Your Salary and Compensation


Stay ahead of the curve with game-changing resources, trainings and advice — sent straight to your inbox every week:

EXPERT ROUNDTABLES - Each month we feature renowned experts and thought leaders to share their hard-won insights and advice via online webinar. At the end of the session, we'll open up the floor for Q&A time so you can learn from the best and overcome problems that others spend years trying to figure out on their own.

Featured Expert Roundtables:

  • 5 Strategies To Advance Your Career and Get Unstuck
  • Career Transitions: What's Holding You Back & How to Get Started
  • Essential Career Survival Skills for Any Economy

"ASK ME ANYTHING" WEBINARS - Got a specific issue you want to troubleshoot? Bring your questions to our monthly "open forum" webinars to get one-on-one rapid-fire coaching from Deborah and experts in leadership, HR, negotiation, legal, branding and more.

Can't make it there live? No problem. Simply send in your questions beforehand and check out the recording when it works for you.

Featured Webinars:

  • How do I find a mentor?

WORD-FOR-WORD SCRIPTS, GAMEPLANS AND TOOLS - Each month we'll send a done-for-you script, template or tool to help you execute and see results on the topic of the month.

- Scripts for negotiation and critical conversations
- How to respond to vague or negative feedback
- Gameplans for strategically building your network
- Cheatsheets and checklists to nail your next performance review
- The do's and dont's of documentation and CYA

- And a whole lot more…

Featured plug-n-play resources:

  • 53 Ways To Increase Exposure And Visibility In The Workplace
  • Career Transition Template: How to Reach Out to Your Network
  • Beyond The Resume: Essential Documents for Your Next Job Interview

THE SITUATION ROOM - Join us inside The Situation Room to learn from a real world case study of a scenario that people of color frequently encounter in the workplace (like managing a hostile work environment, dealing with a disjointed or ineffective team, managerial issues and more).

Together, we'll dissect how to handle challenging situations and what you can do differently to create win-win outcomes for everyone involved.

We’ll also learn from success stories and share insights you can apply to your own career. See how others have created their own opportunities for visibility, how they got people on board with their ideas and more.

Featured situation rooms:

  • The Ambush Meeting
  • I Know You Heard Me

We've got dozens of expert workshops already waiting for you to implement today — and the library is constantly growing.

Here's a taste of what else is waiting for you inside The Alley right now:

Career Plateau

The Real Reason You're Stuck in Your Career

Featuring Kevin Carrington, VP of The Segal Company and Kelci Trent, Director of Marketing, Johnson & Johnson

Don't Give It Away

Owning Your Power in Today's Workplace

Featuring Dr. Gail Parker, Psychologist, Former Adjunct Faculty, Michigan School of Business

Good is Not Enough

Unwritten Rules For People Of Color In Corporate

Featuring Keith Wyche, best selling author and corporate leadership expert

You may not like what she says, but if everyone in the corporate arena could be as straightforward and as truthful as she is, people would be a lot further along in their careers. 

I wish I had met Deborah 15 years ago. Earlier in my career, I can see there were many issues I waded in for too long.


I've always been confident, but Deborah has taught me how to push the envelope a little more -- asking for those bigger projects, gathering and documenting feedback from my supervisor, finding opportunities for responsibility and visibility. 


She really takes the time to explore issues with you -- but at the same time, she will tell it to you like it is.  You may not like what she says, but if everyone in the corporate arena could be as straightforward and as truthful as she is, people would be a lot further along in their careers. 

anthony  //  Pharmaceutical Industry

You'll also get ONGOING SUPPORT and answers to your questions, when you need them…

  • Your membership also includes PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY FACEBOOK COMMUNITY

We believe that those small moments and daily interactions in the workplace can make or break a career. That's why we want to be there when you need us for those daily interactions, negotiations, slights, microagressions, tough moments and more. Post your questions, challenges and wins inside the Members Only Facebook Community and get the support you need — fast.

There is power in community.

Get support. Share your wins.

And never go it alone again.

Bonus One

The Negotiation Summit ($147 value) - A crowd favorite from our virtual Negotiation Summit, this on-demand minicourse will walk you through the critical steps to take to negotiate your next raise.

You'll learn how to:

  • Stop leaving money on the table by buying into common negotiation myths
  • The negotiation blunders that will kill your pitch dead in the water (and what to do instead)
  • How to prepare to make the ask and present a compelling argument
  • Go beyond salary and negotiate your full compensation package
  • Overcome bias in the negotiation process and get what you deserve

Bonus Two

The Performance Review Summit ($147 value) - Take control of how you are perceived at work by mastering the performance conversation. This on-demand mini-course will show you how to navigate performance reviews and ensure your achievements are recognized at work.

You'll learn:

  • How to assess yourself and strategically prepare for your next performance review
  • How to tell a cohesive story that highlights your accomplishments and gather supporting evidence
  • How to avoid blunders — and the "why, how and when" of challenging your performance review
  • How to create your own performance review plan and ensure the MOST important topics are covered in your review



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Twice a month, you'll get on a 15 minute, 1:1 call with your coach to get quick-action feedback on a challenge at work. (You'll be amazed by what we can accomplish with 15 focused minutes together.)

Deborah's guidance in building strategic relationships and creating a diverse network of mentors has been particularly valuable.

My professional career has grown rapidly over the past couple of years, and I've found myself in new territory as a young leader. Deborah and The Corporate Alley Cat have helped me navigate those situations where I've been thrown in the deep-end and needed to quickly get up to speed. 


Deborah's guidance in building strategic relationships and creating a diverse network of mentors has been particularly valuable.  She's been navigating this world for over 20 years... she just gets it.

Devon  //  Director of Operations

Wondering why should you believe me when I say that the "work twice as hard to get half as far" story doesn't have to be your story?

Great question.

If we haven't met before, I'm Deborah Owens, Founder & CEO of Corporate Alley Cat: the go-to community for people of color in corporate America.

As a seasoned sales leader and training executive with 20+ years of Fortune 100 business experience, I've been on the front lines of what people of color really experience in the workplace (and I’ve lived it myself).

I've helped thousands of professionals of color overcome the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities they'll face throughout their careers.

I've witnessed the transformation that occurs when people of color are resourced with the strategies and support they need to thrive in the workplace.

Deborah T. Owens

So with over two decades of corporate street cred (and plenty of mistakes along the way), I know this to be true:

People of color don't need more inspirational success stories and flashy conferences to get ahead.

Because when the good vibes are gone, your binder from the event gets filed away, and you're back in the real world — what do you really need?

Resources. In-the-moment support. And advice from someone who gets it.

But when you want tactical, in the trenches advice for what you're up against today, where do you go?

  • Maybe you turn to a group chat with your inner circle to strategize your next move and hope that their advice hits the mark.
  • Maybe you hit up Google, Amazon and your podcast app to see what the internet has to say.
  • Or perhaps you've already spent hundreds on expensive career coaches that tell you to what to do but not how to do it…

And that's exactly why what we do here is less about career coaching and more about career activation.

We want to make sure you have the right support and access to actionable strategies you can trust, exactly when you need it (along with valuable insights to help you avoid mistakes on the road ahead).

The official mission statement of Corporate Alley Cat is to change the experiences of people of color, one person at a time. It informs every conference, workshop and resource we develop for our audience of over 3000 professionals of color.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the comprehensive, no-filler strategies you need to make waves — instead of struggling to keep your head above water (or winging it and hoping everything works out).

That's why I'm so excited to share this opportunity with you today — and I look forward to the day when we'll be celebrating your success story, too.

The Alley is the ONLY online community for professionals of color where you'll find:

  • Candid and honest conversations about the reality of navigating corporate life as a person of color — and how to ensure your needs are met in the workplace.
  • A place where you can go to triage pressing issues and get feedback on how to handle difficult situations as they happen — along with "big picture" guidance to help you execute on your long-term career plans.
  • Tactical, strategic advice to help you get seen, recognized and compensated for your hard work and talents (instead of useless platitudes like "your network is your net worth").
  • Guidance from mentors who get it and have been where you are to help you sidestep common career derailers and prevent workplace issues before they arise.
  • A community of people who get you — a place where you don't have to explain yourself, or worry that people will think you're paranoid or overreacting when your gut says that something isn't right.


  • You're embarking on your corporate career and want to sidestep the stress and struggle by getting the go-to strategies, tools and advice you need to NAIL it right out of the gates.
  • Your career is tracking along well, and you want to make sure you have access to the resources and feedback you need to stay ahead of the curve. You've got a big vision for your career and it's important that you don't get derailed by the roadblocks and challenges that lie ahead — and you want guidance from mentors who have successfully navigated the path you're headed down.
  • You've been running on the corporate hamster wheel for years without much to show for it. You're ready to get more visible, get recognized for your efforts and carve out a career that doesn't drain you.
  • You know what's not working in your career, but aren't sure how to fix it. You want to be resourced as you build critical skills in communication, relationship-building, negotiation and more — with a safe place to explore issues so you can execute with total confidence back at work.
  • You're in a stage of transition: changing jobs, changing careers, or re-thinking how you want to show up and be seen at work. Maybe entrepreneurship has been on your mind. You want to make sure you have the resources you need to navigate this change skillfully — and land on your feet.
  • You're cool with spending a short amount of focused time each week to develop yourself, your awareness and your skills — as long as it's time spent on actionable advice that you can implement for rapid results and high impact.
  • You're sick of career advice that doesn't consider the nuanced needs of people in color and have struggled to find mentors who get you. You want relevant advice for the issues you're facing now — along with guidance for the road ahead to help you avoid painful mistakes and difficult situations.

See yourself in ANY of the points above? The Alley was MADE for you, friend.


  • You don't work in a corporate or professional role (or aren't looking to find one).
  • You prefer career shortcuts over showing up and doing the work. Investing in yourself and your success isn't a priority.
  • You can't handle the truth talk about how to adjust and adapt your own actions when required — even if it's exactly what you need to move forward.
  • You don't want to be coached towards success and would prefer to "wing it" on your own.
  • You aren't results-driven and relentlessly focused on delivering value in your organization.
  • If you need to find a job tomorrow and you don't have the time to create a strategic and targeted plan that will maximize your opportunities.

Because it is impossible to grow beyond yourself alone. But now that professionals of color have The Corporate Alley Cat, we don’t have to.

In my first conversation with Deborah, I knew with my whole self that she was the coach and partner that I needed to shift myself out of career hell. She was very clear that she was not a Career Coach, but a Career Activator.


The distinction between the two is just what I was looking for – concise, actionable growth within a given time period.


After ninety minutes with Deborah, I saw myself for the first time in almost three years.

I was beginning to feel excited about my career for the first time in a very, very long time.

If you are at your career best, work with Deborah and stay that way. But, if you are where I was several months ago – Career Rock Bottom – invest, and work with Deborah.


Because it is impossible to grow beyond yourself alone. But now that professionals of color have The Corporate Alley Cat, we don’t have to.”

Danielle, Brand Planner


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to join, but I'm B-U-S-Y with a capital B. How much time do I need?

Is The Alley really for people of color at all stages of their corporate career?

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Can you remind me what I'm get when I sign up?

Get instant access to these incredible resources and our VIP community at this low price!

The "just wing it" approach to your career might be good enough today, but what is it really costing you?

Coasting along in your career might keep you relevant tomorrow, next month, or even six months from now…

But your time is not a renewable resource. What happens when you wake up one morning and realize you're 1 year, 5 years, an entire decade behind where you thought you'd be from now?

With a small but focused investment in yourself each week (just over a dollar a day), you can create the career and future you envision. It's life-changing. And that's why I want to make joining us inside The Alley the easiest executive decision you'll make all year.

The Alley Cat Pledge:

Fast-track your career in 30 days or your money back

Take the next 30 days to soak up the Expert Webinars, How-To Clinics, Executive Roundtables and exclusive training videos (and be sure to get your questions answered on the live coaching calls too)...

And if you STILL don't feel that we've delivered the insight and clarity needed to help you scratch at least ONE of the following off your to-do list:

  • Create a powerful network of like-minded colleagues, mentors and advisors who are COMMITTED to helping you break the invisible glass ceiling and up-level your career...
  • Negotiate a better salary and other perks you've been led to believe are reserved only for the corporate elite — working from home, stretch assignments, and getting your boss to sign-off on that professional development course you've been dreaming of…
  • Position yourself for company-wide recognition by building a personal brand around your ability to perform and deliver results (we'll show you how)...
  • Create a crystal-clear plan for your "big-picture" career vision (and then create a step-by-step gameplan to make it happen)...

… Then all you need to do is email us within 30 days at support@corporatealleycat.com to receive a hassle-free refund of your money in full — so you can exit The Alley on good terms and get back to doing your thing.

Shorten the corporate learning curve and get the strategic guidance you need with the no-brainer investment in your career

The Corporate Alley Cat saved my daughter's career

The Corporate Alley Cat saved my daughter's career. She was stuck in a rut -- working at a dead-end job that she hated in an uncomfortable and stressful environment. Ms Owens counseled her and placed her with a wonderful career coach who helped her figure out what she wanted to do and how to do it. She is now well on her way to starting her own business, which looks very promising. Most importantly, she is now happy, confident, motivated and excited about what the future holds. Thank you Corporate Alley Cat!

Parent of a Millennial

I wouldn't be a person of my word if I didn't wrap this up with some #REALTALK

This page is about to run out of pixels and I'm nearly all of out of words.

You're thinking it through, wondering if stepping inside The Alley is worth it...

For just over a dollar a day, what would it mean to you if the support, strategies and coaching inside The Alley could help you…

- Negotiate the raise you've been meaning to ask for?

  • That's a 2x to 10x return on an entire year of membership right there. (And over the course of your career? We'll let you do the math on that one. → Spoiler alert: it could be tens of thousands of $$$.)

- Curate your own inner-circle of peers, mentors and sponsors who have your back when you’re not in the room and scout killer opportunities for you?

  • Hello dream job and real chances for advancement in your organization.

- Access in-the-moment feedback from experts who’ve been in your shoes — so you can sidestep corporate BS and navigate your workplace with total confidence?

  • Don't even ask me to quantify the value of your own wellbeing.

And, my favorite question of all…

​How would it feel to walk into the office on Monday knowing that whatever gets thrown at you, The Alley’s got you covered?

With our pay-as-you-go membership and 30-day satisfaction guarantee, there is zero risk…

The only question left is: are you in?

All it takes is the first step: to click that button, punch in your details and say YES to the support, strategies and insider information on offer to you today.

Because despite all the soul-crushing and "WTF" moments you've learned to harden yourself to after a lifetime of Black Tuesdays (scroll on up to the top if you don't know what I'm talking about)...

There IS a seat for you at the table. Sometimes you've gotta work for it, and other times, you'll have to build one yourself. But, no matter what…

We're here to help make sure you get it.


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