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The Alley is the ONLY online community for professionals of color where you’ll find:

Candid and honest conversations about the reality of navigating corporate life as a person of color — and how to ensure your needs are met in the workplace.
A place where you can go to triage pressing issues and get feedback on how to handle difficult situations as they happen — along with “big picture” guidance to help you execute on your long-term career plans.
Tactical, strategic advice to help you get seen, recognized and compensated for your hard work and talents (instead of useless platitudes like “your network is your net worth”).
Guidance from mentors who get it and have been where you are — to help you sidestep common career derailers and prevent workplace issues before they arise.
A community of people who get you — a place where you don’t have to explain yourself, or worry that people will think you’re paranoid or overreacting when your gut says that something isn’t right.

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