Make the Ask! Five Next Level Requests Most People Neglect After a Great Performance Review

Make the Ask!

Five Next Level Requests Most People Neglect After a Great Performance Review

The Scenario

Your performance review was great, now what?  And by the way, one of your colleagues just got put on a high profile account and you got passed over.

It may be because you didn’t ask.

Performance is premium currency in the corporate world.  How are you using your currency?  

Human Resources Leader and Strategist Carole Williams suggests starting with asking your manager some questions.

Here are five next level requests you should make after a great performance review:

  1. What opportunities are there for me to get increased responsibility and gain broader experience to help me move on to the next level in my career?  
  2. What special/high profile projects are available that would be a good fit for me and would give me additional experience? How can I get involved with those projects?
  3. Can you facilitate a meeting between me and the VP of my department or organization?

You want to meet with key leaders in your organization to discuss your contributions, capabilities and career goals. This may be the head of your functional area or the president or vice-president. It is critical that you know the key players and the key players know you.

  1. Am I still on track to move into that higher level position by the end of this year?
  2. If I continue to perform at this level, do you believe I will be ready to move into the next phase of my career plan?

Don’t forget to document this performance conversation, agreed upon next steps and timelines discussed with your manager. This will ensure that you and your manager are working towards the same goals. Follow up regularly with your manager to ensure that all parties are executing the agreed upon goals and that the plan is still on track.


  1. Ask good specific questions.
  2. Document.
  3. Follow up on a consistent basis.

Special thanks to Carole Willliams, HR Leader and Strategist.

Carole Willliams is the President/CEO of Vinmar Consulting, LLC. Carole offers consulting services primarily in the areas of Human Resources, Diversity/Inclusion and Small Business Solutions as well as executive coaching and career counseling services. As a trusted advisor and coach, Carole has mentored hundreds of leaders providing motivational insights designed to uplift and inspire personal greatness.